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Clerk to the Council
Our clerk, Sarah Jezard, can be contacted via email or phone 07932 518452

Contacting the Council
Contact details for the Parish Clerk, Councillors and our public correspondence address can be found on the Council Information page.

Council Meetings
Meetings are held on the second Monday of every month in the Village Hall, commencing 7.30pm.

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Monthly Crime Report
The local police report can be viewed here.


Welcome to the Flax Bourton Parish Council Website

The Parish Council

The village is made up of about 270 household and 540 electors. The precept (part of the council tax) is £25,000 for the financial year 2018/2019.

What we do

The Parish Council performs a number of functions under various statutes but representing residents on various local issues, developments and aspirations is the most important role for the Council.



The Parish Council has two vacancies - full details here. Application deadline: 22nd February.

Bristol Airport is holding two jobs fairs (26th February, 2nd March) - full details here.

The airport has also issued guidance relating to drones - information here.

WEST OF ENGLAND JOINT SPATIAL PLAN - Technical Evidence Work Consultation
Details of the consultation, which will run from 12th November 2018 - 7th January 2019, can be found in this letter. Further information and details about how to make comments are available online at www.jointplanningwofe.org.uk

This, along with the consultations on the North Somerset Council Local Plan 2036 (see below), include several documents for review and contain issues which will directly affect Flax Bourton.

Flax Bourton Parish Council has appointed a Transport Consultant to advise the Council on the transport aspects of its responses to these documents and both consultations were discussed at the Parish Council meeting on 26th November. The minutes of that meeting can be found here.

Flax Bourton's response to the Technical Evidence Consultation November 2018 - January 2019 can be read here

The consultation on the Local Plan 2036 is now closed.

The planning policy document identifies where housing, jobs, and infrastructure (roads, schools, etc) will be built over the next 20 years. More information is on the North Somerset Council website: www.n-somerset.gov.uk/localplan2036

Flax Bourton Parish Council responses to the Local Plan can be read here.

There have been reports of a number of thefts in Flax Bourton over recent days. Please be vigilant if you have doors and windows open or if you are going away on holiday; ensure you lock doors and windows properly and make sure your property looks occupied when you are out or away. It is also good practice to take car keys upstairs at night and put them away safely when on holiday.

The Avon and Somerset Police website has a useful reminder about how to keep our homes safe.

The West of England Joint Spatial Plan was submitted to the Secretary of State on the 13th April 2018. The plan will now be examined for its compliance with statutory requirements and on its soundness. Further detail, including links to supporting documentation can be found in this letter.

Key Transport Consultants were selected to advise FBPC on its response to the Joint Spatial Plan with particular reference to the Joint Transport Plan and Nailsea Corridor Improvements - their report can be read here.

Following discussion at Parish Council meetings on 11th December 2017 and 8th January 2018, feedback from residents and information from the Key Transport Consultants report, a consultation response has been submitted on behalf of Flax Bourton Parish Council. This response can be read here.

The Joint Spatial Plan, supporting evidence, topic papers, statement of representations procedure and information about how to make comments are all available at www.jointplanningwofe.org.uk.

You may be aware of the planned development of 700 new houses at Grove Farm, Backwell, and the potential infrastructure required to support this development, which may have an impact on Flax Bourton.

Although this is development in Backwell, Flax Bourton residents were also invited to comment on the proposals. The deadline for submitting feedback was Friday 1st December and the Parish Council provided comments on the consultation. Please contact the Clerk for further information.

Bristol Airport's recent public consultation set the scene for a new Master Plan, looking out to the year 2050. The consultation website can be found at www.bristolairportfuture.com.

The consultation ran until midnight on Friday 26th January 2018. Flax Bourton Parish Council's response can be found here and questions can be raised directly by email to future@bristolairport.com or call 0800 915 9892.

Stancombe Quarry has established a Community Fund to provide facilities and services for the benefit of communities within the parishes of Flax Bourton, Backwell and Barrow Gurney.

The Fund seeks to support projects within the parishes that improve the lifestyles of the residents and have clear benefits in terms of education, recreation, nature conservation and sustainability.

Requests can only be made via the Parish Clerk, either electronically or by hard copy, on the application form (below), and can be for a financial contribution or a contribution in materials from the quarry. Requests cannot be for the benefit of individuals or profit making organisations.

Requests are considered twice a year (March and September) and the deadlines for submission are 31 January and 31 July. .

Application Form
The application form is available in both PDF format here and Word format here.

FAQs about the fund can be found here, and additional guidance can be found here.

Please send your completed application form to the Parish Clerk, Sarah Jezard, at clerk@flaxbourtonparishcouncil.co.uk or to PO Box 1222, Bristol, BS48 9BR

The Parish Council have gained agreement from Tarmac that they will send a road sweeper to the A370 between Stancombe Lane and the Jubilee Inn once a month. Hopefully this will lead to an improvement in the condition of our roads and pavements.

North Somerset Council have produced some advice after the Manchester attack -

The West of England Rural Network has issued an update on the progress of superfast broadband - read it here.

The Youth Group meets in the village hall every Tuesday evening during term time - more information on their Facebook page

Did you know that the British Legion provides a range of specialist services, including specialist dementia nursers? To be eligible for this free service, either the carer or the person with dementia has to have done a minimum of 7 days paid service in any of the armed forces - National Service counts too! For further information see the Admiral Nurse Service Newsletter

New 'Household Emergency Plan' postcard
Community Resilience North Somerset have produced a new 'Emergency Postcard' designed to encourage households to get prepared. You can download a printer friendly version here.

Volunteer with Community Resilience North Somerset
If anyone is interested in getting involved with Community Resilience North Somerset and would like further information please get in touch with the Clerk at clerk@flaxbourtonparishcouncil.co.uk or check out the N. Somerset Community Resilience Website.

Healthwatch North Somerset is collecting the views of carers on health and social care services.

Some details of how to participate can be found here, or on the Healthwatch website - although it's headlined "Young Persons Carers Survey", there are actually two questionnaires, one for carers of young people and one for adults. Closing date is end of March.

The Parish Council would like to remind home owners about the importance of ensuring any hedges or trees on your property do not impede the use of the public highway / footpaths. It is the homeowner's responsibility to keep all hedges, bushes and trees trimmed back so the highway remains clear for pedestrians, wheelchair users, and pushchairs. Please do take a minute to check that yours are all cut back appropriately.