Flax Bourton Village Hub – Tea and Tech 2022- Volunteers needed

Flax Bourton Village Hub has been hosting Tea and Tech sessions in the Hall on a monthly basis for some time now. The sessions, which focus on relaxed Tech instruction for local people along with offering tea and cake, are fun and helpful for people of all ages but especially so for those of more advanced years and those looking to increase their skills to access important online functions.

The Tea and Tech sessions have been funded by WERN (The West of England Rural Network) however, unfortunately, the funding will run out in September and the Flax Bourton Hub have taken on the challenge of keeping these popular sessions going.  The Hub are looking for helpers/volunteers to form a small team to ensure that the sessions can continue. Key tasks include:

  • Help with setting up and providing refreshments at each session
  • A good grasp of a range of basic computer/online skills to coach and guide on an individual basis
  • Access to different groups and communication platforms locally and to help with advertising.

The Hub would also welcome support from anyone who feels they would like to be involved in a worthwhile local project, any help would be welcomed.

To find out more – with no obligation at this stage – please come along to the meeting on Monday 8th August from 5.00pm until 6.00pm at The Flax Bourton Village Hub. Please contact Terry Williamson on 07767 159089 or via email <terrymary4749@gmail.com> for further information or to confirm if you will be coming along to the meeting.

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