Traffic speeds improvement works

The Highways project to address traffic speeds on the A370 is now underway.  In place of the existing 50mph at the bypass end there will be a unified 40mph speed around the Barrow interchange, dropping to 30mph just before the Jubilee. The 30mph limit signs will be reinforced by gateway features with village signs and white gates under-planted with wild flowers, to clearly signal to drivers that they are entering a village. There will  be vehicle activated speed indicator signs at each end of the village. We have also campaigned heavily for new pedestrian and cycle crossing points, additional pavements on the south side of the main road and new bus stop arrangements. As local funding is heavily restricted, North Somerset Council has applied for some of this work to be incorporated into the government funded Bus Service Improvement Plan in the next financial year.  The Parish Council has also allocated some top up funding for additional pedestrian crossing points in next year’s budget.

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