Author: Parish Clerk

Flax Bourton Google Group

Flax Bourton Parish Council set up the Flax Bourton Google Group last year for use by the community. We would love to encourage every household in the village to join. In this way we will have an effective tool for the school, the church, the Hub and the Parish Council to let you know what is happening and to ask your opinion. For information on how to join, please visit the Flax Bourton Google Group page. If you experience any difficulties, please contact the Clerk.

Traffic speeds improvement works

The Highways project to address traffic speeds on the A370 is now underway.  In place of the existing 50mph at the bypass end there will be a unified 40mph speed around the Barrow interchange, dropping to 30mph just before the Jubilee. The 30mph limit signs will be reinforced by gateway features with village signs and white gates under-planted with wild flowers, to clearly signal to drivers that they are entering a village. There will  be vehicle activated speed indicator signs at each end of the village. We have also campaigned heavily for new pedestrian and cycle crossing points, additional pavements on the south side of the main road and new bus stop arrangements. As local funding is heavily restricted, North Somerset Council has applied for some of this work to be incorporated into the government funded Bus Service Improvement Plan in the next financial year.  The Parish Council has also allocated some top up funding for additional pedestrian crossing points in next year’s budget.


The significant flooding on the main road outside Castle Farm and Angel Cottages has been found to be caused by a collapsed culvert in the main storm drain handling groundwater from the hillside following heavy rainfall.  As an expedient measure Highways have diverted the storm drain into the road drainage network which has only marginally improved the situation. North Somerset Council have set aside a substantial sum in next year’s budget to repair the culvert.

Festival Way upgrade works

Please see below a statement from North Somerset Council regarding improvement works to Festival Way:

Four crossings are to be upgraded on a popular cycling and walking route between Backwell, Nailsea and Bristol.

The Festival Way is the most successful active travel corridor in North Somerset with about 1,600 leisure and commuter trips a day on foot and by bicycle.

It connects Backwell and Nailsea to Bristol and also links the villages of Long Ashton and Flax Bourton to the local secondary schools.

The improvements will see four key crossings upgraded to enhance safety and reduce the speed limit on Backwell Bow and Backwell Common where around 40 per cent of users are pedestrians or bicycles.

Improved access and safety will benefit all users, making the route more visible and attractive to use.

The crossings are located at:

·        Station Road in Flax Bourton

·        Backwell Bow in Backwell

·        Lodge Lane in Nailsea

·        Trendlewood Way in Nailsea

The work on the crossings will include:

·        Improved visibility through vegetation maintenance and kerb realignments

·        Surface treatments to increase awareness of the crossings

·        Improved signage and wayfinding

·        A new parallel crossing on Trendlewood Way in Nailsea.

Cllr Hannah Young, North Somerset Council’s executive member with responsibility for active travel said: “This is an extremely popular route that is used heavily each day by pedestrians and cyclists. These changes will further enhance the route and increase safety. 

“Unfortunately it won’t be possible to leave the path open during the improvement, but the length of the works will be minimised to reduce disruption. We would ask people to be patient while the improvements are completed.”

The work will start in late February.