Parish Council - Council Meetings & Reports

Chairman's Annual Report

The Chairman's Annual Report is available here:

2017 Annual Report

Past Annual Reports can be accessed here.

Standing Orders and Chairmanship

The National Association of Local Councils 'Standing Orders and Chairmanship' information, adopted by the Parish Council, is available for download here.

Standing Orders

Parish Council Meetings

The Parish Council meets in the Village Hall on the second Monday of every month. Meetings start at 7.30pm. Parishioners are very welcome to attend.

Parish Council Meetings - Agendas

13/08/18   »» Download Agenda.

09/07/18   »» Download Agenda.

11/06/18   »» Download Agenda.

14/05/18   »» Download Agenda. (Annual Parish Council Meeting)

14/05/18   »» Download Agenda.

09/04/18   »» Download Agenda.

12/03/18   »» Download Agenda.

12/02/18   »» Download Agenda.

08/01/18   »» Download Agenda.

Past Agendas can be accessed here.

Parish Council Meetings - Minutes

Please note that meeting minutes on this website are only drafts and are not a formal record until they have been approved by the Council.

09/07/18   »» Download Minutes.

11/06/18   »» Download Minutes.

14/05/18   »» Download Minutes. (Annual Parish Council Meeting)

14/05/18   »» Download Minutes.

09/04/18   »» Download Minutes.

12/03/18   »» Download Minutes.

12/02/18   »» Download Minutes.

08/01/18   »» Download Minutes.

Past Minutes can be accessed here.