Parish Council

What do we do? Our responsibilities and duties include

  1. The management of Farleigh Green Playing Field and Play Area, Dog Waste Bins, Litter Clearance, etc.
  2. Reviewing and commenting on all planning applications within the Parish.
  3. Represent the Community through liaison with relevant authorities regarding infrastructure/policing/community issues, etc.
  4. Engaging with all interested parties and volunteers within the Community to help shape village life. Current volunteer groups include:
    • Dust Working Group – helping to keep the roads clear of dust.
    • Rights of Way Walking Group – helping to maintain the pathways.
    • Defibrillator Guardians – looking after the Defibrillators located at the Village Hall and Primary School.
    • Flower Planting volunteers – keeping the village looking pretty!

Who are we?

The Council has 7 Councillors that are elected by the residents every four years. Follow this link for details of the current Councillors.

When and where do we meet?

Follow this link for details of our Parish Council Meetings.